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So after some honest self reflection you decided you were ready to play the miles game.

You researched the best credit card offers and applied for 2 to 8 credit cards in a credit card churn.

While you got for instant approvals for four cards, two approvals were pending at the time of your card churn.

But you were smart enough to call the credit card company in order to increase your odds of approval. Happily you were approved for all six cards.

About a week later the cards began arriving in the mail. Each one with the promise of an early holiday gift.

7402502-gold-credit-card-macro-detail--3d-renderhappy birthday to me…

So what now?

Whenever you receive your card you should call the credit card company to activate it. There are six other things you should accomplish during the conversation with the the credit card company representative.

1. Confirm the terms of your miles bonus. How many miles will you receive for how much spending over what period of time? Write the answer down.

2. Find out the date of approval for the credit card. This date will determine when the clock starts for your minimum spending. Write the answer down.

3. Limit the cash advance limit on the card to as little a sum as possible. This will prevent you from any unexpected classification of future transactions as cash advances (that carry a service charge) as opposed to ordinary purchases, (which do not.)

4. Set up automatic payments. At the very least set up an automatic minimum payment. But ideally you should set up an automatic payment to pay the entire balance. This will prevent you from ever making a late payment.

5. Opt out of electronic billing. This one’s not crucial. But I find it very useful to receive an actual bill in the mail that I pay off immediately as soon as it arrives. If you are great at keeping your online activity organized feel free to disregard this one.

6. Perform a happy dance while thanking the representative for his help…..

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to free travel.

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