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I have spent a lot of time writing here about two central topics.

Topic number one is the miles game. Simply put, this is the set of skills that allows you to harness the generosity of credit card company signing bonuses and loyalty currency perks for your own benefit. And to surprising effect.

Topic number two is investment. The idea here is to set aside the savings from your miles game exploits to turbo charge your path towards financial independence.

Together these topics have a lot to commend them. Fantastic vacations for pennies on the dollar, access to premium travel experiences for a pittance (I am flying my family of five to Japan on Japan Airlines business class for $450 this summer as an example), and the comfort of knowing that you’re setting aside enough money so that in the not-too-distant future, employment will become a choice, not an ongoing requirement.

But you may have noticed that I’m not publishing so much about the miles game here on Miles Dividend MD anymore. Which is not to say that I have not been writing about this pursuit at all.

As of February I have moved my travel hacking posts over to

Travel miles 101 is a free course that I have been running with Brad Barrett over at since February.

Our goals for this course are simple,

1. To systematically teach our students everything they need to know to begin play the miles game efficiently and with minimum effort in one short month.

2. To provide a real-time responsive community for our students so that they can share their exploits, have their questions answered in real time, and share their growing knowledge base with others in a private and safe forum.

3. To provide an up-to-date repository of the latest travel hacking wisdom from around the blogosphere for everyone’s continued reference.

And to date the course has been an unmitigated success well beyond our initial projections.

We now have a thriving community of travel hackers reaching their travel goals on a daily basis.

We are enrolling 100 to 150 new students every month.

And our curriculum and platforms continue to evolve each month in order to provide an ever improving learning experience for each of our community members.

So if you are even mildly interested in learning how to travel for next to nothing, then you should absolutely sign up for our upcoming course which starts in less than a month.

If you like to travel then it’s truly like giving yourself a $10,000 a year raise, after-tax and for free.

Follow the link below if you’re at all curious and leave a comment below, if you have any questions.

The course tends to fill up by mid month, so if you want to start June 1, now is certainly the time to jump.

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