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White Coat Face Off: Mortgaging Your Future?

I’m in the midst of a bit of a call weekend beat down. Nothing terrible, just busy. Pacers, and consults, and pages, and so on. But the show must go on. Early retirement waits for no one. And it seems to me that today is as good a day to continue my pseudo-dialogue with the […]

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Whitecoat Faceoff: Unballing your Yarn

One of the most valuable things about writing regularly, is that it frequently brings into stark relief my own biases. Many of the errors that I make come from a place of utter blindness. Although I’d like to think of myself as a fairly empathetic dude, it becomes clear that I spend all of my […]

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White Coat Face-off: Playing “Catch Up”

The Internet is a wonderful thing. And one of its best features is that you can find people of like minds and interests to learn from. I spend an awful lot of my free time reading about investing, and early retirement, and travel hacking. And I’ve learned so much in this pursuit. The other side […]

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White Coat Face Off: Death with Benefits

What a useful exercise this is. By continuing this 14 part series of posts in which I attempt to refute the Whitecoat Investor’s well reasoned arguments against early retirement, I’m able to piggyback off of his encyclopedic understanding of all things financial and introduce important concepts to my readers. For prior articles in this series please […]

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White Coat Face Off: Obamacare

This continues a series of posts looking critically at the always well thought out Whitecoat Investor’s (WCI) arguments against retiring early. For the first two posts in this series, please see here, and here. Today’s post is not entirely fair. After all, The White Coat Investor wrote his seminal article in 2011 before the affordable care […]

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