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The Ultimate Indulgence

Within the early retirement ethos, the act of spending money on an incidental item can take on an almost religious significance. After all the central lesson of the new frugality as I perceive it is this: spending money is spending freedom. So each dollar frittered away represents an hour or an afternoon or a day […]

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Liquid Gold

When it comes to frugality, I’m no black belt. Although I am currently saving between 50 and 60% of my take-home pay, putting me on track to be financially independent within the next 10 to 15 years, this is largely a reflection of the good fortune of my own generous salary, not of my extreme […]

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Why Ask Hawaii?

I hope you will pardon the diversion. But let’s face it, I’m on vacation. So wailing away on the wall of wealth building and and travel hacking is quite simply not in the cards right now. I would feel too much like one of those sad souls doing Excel spreadsheets poolside in his beach chair. […]

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Feline Indulgence

There are many different ways of spinning the early retirement lifestyle. For some, (I will call them the fundamentalists,) it is an ethical question. Dramatically paring down your lifestyle to something reasonable is a moral imperative. And wasteful spending and consumerism are not just stupid, they are morally wrong. They contribute to the impending doom […]

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