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Churning Tricks

Enough philosophical handwringing. Enough ethical self inspection. Enough of the world and it’s large problems. (And my piddly solutions.) Tonight, for a change of pace, for something simple and escapist. Philosophy is for losers… Tonight I will check in on the status of my recent round of credit card applications, and detail how I will […]

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Churning Blizzard

Portland has received an uncharacteristic amount of winter weather over the past few days. Usually once every 1 to 2 years there’s a dusting of snow, and the kids sled, and the grown ups drive like amateurs, and then the temperature rises and the snow melts, and it’s back to the gray fog and drizzle […]

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A Card up your Sleeve

We’ve already discussed the value of hotel credit cards. As I mentioned, however, my hotel strategy, to this point, has not been to include hotel cards in my credit card churns. But obviously I still need a place to stay when I go on vacation. So what has my strategy been? I’ve focused on value […]

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Shelter From the Storm

One area that I’ve not focused much attention on, is that of hotel credit card sign-up bonuses. The reason for this is simple; up to this point I have been solely focused on airline miles, and flexible points that will cover airfare. I have exactly no hotel cobranded cards in my wallet. (Unless you count […]

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