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Signs of Decay

This is a treacherous territory that I’m about to venture into, and I know that. There are hazards galore. Self-pity, hypochondria, grumpy old man-ism. Furthermore there is no redemptive story yet. I have not overcome but am only in the early stages of trying to overcome a minor and rather undramatic challenge. The ending is […]

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Rocking Luxury

It’s no secret that one of my favorite bloggers, and certainly the most personally influential is Mr. Money Mustache. Pete (MMM himself) does an incredible job of reframing societal assumptions. If our dominant modern hypothesis is that consuming things brings us happiness, Pete stands this theory on its head, and points out (correctly I think) […]

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A Room Without a Roof-ah

If you had told the 21-year-old Miles Dividend M.D.,that one day he would write a personal finance blog, he would’ve looked at you like you were f-ing crazy. You see, I am not naturally attracted to this ideal of “self help”. My fundamental assumption has always been that we are what we are, and that […]

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