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Step Back from the Edge…

In general I enjoy writing about ideas and philosophy more than writing nitty-gritty tutorials about how to do something. But I firmly believe that The Miles Game is a great and even motivating skill set for someone with the propensity to pursue financial independence. And more than a few of my readers and friends have […]

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I had a great conversation today with Brad over at He was kind enough to offer me some great advice on my plans to retrofit the architecture of this site. As miles game geeks are wont to do, we of course got to talking about credit card offers, and manufactured spending, and the whole […]

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Plain Vanilla

I’ve used up a fair bit of bandwidth on this blog discussing the bluebird card and loading Visa gift cards onto it at Walmart. This is the bread and butter of manufactured spend for me. ┬áBut this is not a Portland, Oregon specific Blog. And this sequence might not be the the most convenient route […]

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