Are You and Miles a Good Match? Celebrity Flowchart Edition!

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Are you considering the miles game?

If so, is it really a good idea for you specifically?

If not, what’s your hang up? Is there a rational reason for you not to proceed?

These are the questions I attempt to address with the below flowchart.

Consider going through this chart with a fine tooth comb just prior to jumping into the miles game…or ruling it out.

final miles hart

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*The Cash Back Game is essentially the same as the miles game.  A player in this game just focuses on cash equivalent points rather than miles.  Some good cards to consider for this endeavor include:

1.  Barclaycard World arrival Mastercard.

2. Amex Fidelity Investment Rewards

3. US Bank Simply Cash

4.  Capital One Venture

5.  Chase Freedom, INK, Sapphire (remember ultimate rewards points have a cash value of .01$.)

6.  Discover it.

**  Spoiler Alert:  Despite churning cards your credit rating should be pretty stable (it may even go up over time) but expect a temporary hit to your score from the recent hard credit inquiries following a churn.  And you must monitor your FAKO and FICO scores going forward.  Credit Sesame and Credit Karma are great (and free) services.  And you can get a yearly copy of your actual credit report at:

***Here is a nice post from Frugal Travel Guy about managing your credit with ample links at the bottom of the page to credit building resources.





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