About Miles Dividend MD

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Hi, I’m Miles Dividend MD. I’m an electrophysiologist (that’s a cardiologist who specializes in treating arrhythmias.)

I’m also a happily married father of three who loves cooking, golfing, writing, politics, baseball, comedy, wine, and traveling.

But this site isn’t really about any of that stuff.  This is a site with a laser like focus on one theme: finding value in unexpected places.

My two focuses in value seeking are on the miles game, and on early retirement planning.

These two hobbies have already helped me to save significant money in travel, and to invest the proceeds in my retirement.

My goal is to bring you along on my journey, and in so doing to inspire you to seek out value in your own life.

Along the way, I hope to give you actionable tools to travel for free and to save your money in low-cost, high-performing, investment products.

If you’d like to join me on my journey, and to start your own please sign up here to subscribe to my blog for free.



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