Archive | May, 2015

Oh Me of Little Faith

I am a deeply unreligious person. I have a firm belief in just about nothing spiritual. Which is not to say that I am in any way more rational than the next guy. Not at all. My lack of piety simply reflects my own particular (and somewhat random) cultural heritage. Both of my parents, and […]

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Come Fly With Me

I have spent a lot of time writing here about two central topics. Topic number one is the miles game. Simply put, this is the set of skills that allows you to harness the generosity of credit card company signing bonuses and loyalty currency perks for your own benefit. And to surprising effect. Topic number […]

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Bedtime Stories

Have I got a terrific story about dual momentum, and how it works, and why it works. I’ve told this story in bits and pieces before, but it’s high time that I gave you my full explanation for why I think that dual momentum works, uninterrupted and in excruciating detail. The good news is that I’m […]

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