Archive | January, 2015

Two Faced investing

This is my final post in my “cowards” investment philosophy series.* You will remember that the central thread tying this series together is the idea that when it comes to investing, not losing money ends up being far more powerful than making extra money in the long term. To this end we have discussed aggressive […]

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Last stop…Redemption

So if you follow the simple A to B to C of the miles game, you will end up a few months later with a shockingly large and diverse collection of miles and points. After earning, It’s time for burning At that point if you keep up with the serial card applications, and manufactured spending […]

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It is what, January 3? And already I have blown up both this year’s and last year’s New Year’s resolutions. But before I get to that sad state of affairs, why not engage in some self congratulatory reflection? As you may recall, my resolution last year was to try the “vegan before six” diet. The […]

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