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Getting Trendy

So if our overarching goal here is to win big by avoiding big downward movements in the value of our investments, we have already covered some pretty decent ways of achieving this. In my most recent post in this series, I discussed the value anomaly and the idea of buying companies at stock prices well […]

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Organic Miles

I’ve already admitted that I love manufactured spending. There’s something about the illicit combination of thinking outside of the box, breaking conventions, and bargain seeking that just speaks to me on a fundamental level. But even I will admit that¬†manufactured spending is not for everyone. Which is fine. Because frankly, if your income is high […]

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Liquidation Proclamation

This whole series of posts started with a Warren Buffett quote, so you knew I was going to get back here. Back to value investing.¬†But before I dive in, once again, to the value anomaly, a confession.I have some serious reservations about including value investing under the umbrella of strategies to be pursued in order […]

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Miles Off Ramp

In the flowcharts that I have previously shared, and in my mind before there were flowcharts, the miles game was a labyrinthine map of intersecting roads, highways and thoroughfares. The main interstate runs from the purchase of gift card/reloadables to the loading of the prepaid card, to the paying of bills with the prepaid card. […]

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Pumping Iron

So where were we? We’ve discussed the surprising importance of minimizing the loss of capital, and how not losing your capital ends up being much more important in the long run than finding extra returns in the stock market. We’ve talked about the importance of diversification for buy-and-hold investors, and how the aggressive diversification across […]

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